About Us

Tome is a family business dealing with tourism, fishing and passenger transport. The founder and the manager of the business is Mr.Tomislav Caric (Tome) who is also your host, skipper and the fishing trip guide. He is a descendant of an old fishing family Aunedi and has spent his childhood by the sea, sailing and fishing. His love and respect for the sea continued on and he had sailed through all the seas on numerous vessels. With his navigation and sailing skills he becomes the chief officer of the deck and sailing commander. He will gladly share with his guests all his knowledge obtained at the sea and his love for fishing.

How to find us:
How to directly contact the owner:
tel.        +385    (0)  23  377  489
gsm.      +385   (0)   98  629  353
e-mail. tomislav.caric@st.t-com.hr