If you have any questions, all information's and reservations you can get directly from owner.


capt. Tomislav Caric.
Sali 23281, Dugi otok, Hrvatska
tel. +385 (0)23 377 489
gsm. +385 (0)98 629 353

How to come in Sali?

By car

There is ferry from Zadar-Brbinj (cca 15 min). After landing in port Brbinj on Dugi otok, you have to drive about 20 km (cca 20 min) to Sali where the owner will wait for you.

Without car

You can take a ship from Zadar-Sali (cca 1h 15min) or fast foilcraft Zadar-Sali (cca 35min), where owner of the apartments will wait for you.

Special offer

Transport by owner Zadar-Sali (cca 45min) according to previous arrangement

How to find us:
How to directly contact the owner:
tel.        +385    (0)  23  377  489
gsm.      +385   (0)   98  629  353