Base Port

Base port is fisherman and turistical port Sali, situated on southern part at Dugi otok whose southern ends of island have distance just couple houndred metres from Kornati islands.

Sali is main and largest settlement on Dugi otok. The name Sali originates from salt-works, and it is mentioned for the first time in 1105. Situated on the north east coast of the southern part of island,with a thousand year old fishing tradition (the first written document in Croatia about fishing in the nearly Telasoioa dates from 990). Sali has developed fishing, agriculture (olives, wine),tourism and other minor private jobs. On Dugi otok and nearby area of 150 islands there is no fabrios or any other polution sources just pure untouched nature in symbiosis with cristal sea. In port of Sali there is bakery, saveral grocery shops, restaurants, coffe shops, bars, ambulanoe, post office, library and harbour master offioe. Situated nearby National Park Kornati and Park of Nature Telasoioa Sali is an ante-room to all of the well known Adriatic beauties, and therefore it has all the requirements for the development of all aspects of tourism - oruising, sailing, fishing, diving, excursions and sports.

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